Client Resources

Client Resources are self-help tools that allow individuals to gather information necessary to resolve the legal matter they’re asking you to address. The best resources are ones that relate to your practice area and provide information that your clients and potential clients might seek. The inclusion of these Client Resources helps establish you as a subject area expert. In addition, listing these resources allows search engines to find and index your web page, especially if you add some unique content explaining the subject thoroughly before linking to an external website or blog.

For example, small businesses might appreciate using this link to find ways to file and pay New Jersey taxes .

Property owners might need to find out information on the Homestead Benefit program.

Checklists are another Client Resource that provide value to clients. By helping them organize important information before, during, and after preparation of a tax return, your accounting "brand" is easily extended.

Finally, clients appreciate that you have taken the time to identify reliable, accurate sources of helpful information rather than leaving them to discover unvetted sources provided by search engines and then apply their own (non-expert) judgement to select the best source(s) for the information they seek.